Booking for Classes

These weekly classes are suitable for beginners and all levels of practice.

10 week cycles are to be paid in advance. It is not refundable or transferable. However if you can't make it to a class one week you can make it up in other class by arrangement during that pre-paid cycle, or if you keep booking you can recover on the following cycle too. 

These conditions help to ensure that the classes are sustainable and promote regular practice.

To book for a cycle of classes:

  1. If you are not currently attending a class, please contact me by email to check availability

  2. If you are already attending classes and wish to continue, or if I have confirmed your space by email, please print and complete the booking form below.

  3. Go to Shop, choose the class cycle you want to book in for and go for it! The shop is secure according to highest banking standards (I am an TRUSTe company) Make your payment at least 1 week before the start of the cycle to secure your place!