Restorative yoga and yoga nidra

This class is ideal if you would like a space in your busy schedule to relax and reconnect with your body, mind and spirit.

Gentle and restorative with a deeply healing yoga nidra to conclude, this class is great for all levels of practice. It includes exercises and stretches which tone the body, muscles and organs and breathing practices (Pranayama) that calm and tone the nervous system.

Throughout the class, clear instructions are given to invite the release of tension and to enchance and develop movement range. Mindfulness techniques are combined with hatha yoga movements with the intention to dive into deeper connection with ourselves and our wellbeing. Through concious breathing and movement to support the nervous system, we can release and balance the emotional and mental body. Through this practice, restore the body and mind to a re-energised and rebalanced state.

During the class there will be a 15 minute 'lying down' meditation, known as Yoga Nidra. This adaptogenic practice helps to settle the body and mind, offering a time for deep rest. This practice can be particularly useful in releasing any of the mental strains which accumulate and block physical and mental recovery.

Vinyasa Flow

This class is light hearted, encouraging playful enquiry of movement, meeting ourselves in different poses, exploring the challenges and joy of being, accompianied by an uplifting music playlist.

A defining aspect of the class is the combination of movement, breath and awareness. In this class postures, known as 'asanas', flow from one to the next. The class will include the Sun Salutation, 'suriya namaskara', sequence. This renowned sequence is an all round toner forthe muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system. From week to week, we will explore hip opening and heart opening poses, twists, core building, inversions; and pranayamas, such as ujayi breath, nadi shodana and kumbhaka, kapalbhati.

This class is suitable for beginners. Clear guidance and demonstrations are given and variations of the posture are offered to meet your level of practice.