You might be a parent, professional, business owner, carer, student, keen sport-person, or recovering from injury. 

Do you value your self-care?  Do you want to be able to tune in to the subtle signals which your body and mind give you to help you make decisions and shape your day to day life?  Are you looking for develop or deepen a routine to prevent injury and dis-ease.  Is having creative space and time to connect with your own personal power and nourish yourself important to you?  Or, simply wish to rest more deeply? 

Perhaps you are looking for an safe space to tune into the subtler realms of mind and body? Or cultivate a sense of inner stillness and how to live in the present moment? Even tap into the creative abundance which lives in us all when when knowingly feel what it is to thrive!

These and more are some of the reasons people come to see me, to let go of the accumulation of stress and worry, and unleash their potential to live an authentic and healthy life.

I am very focused on what works for the busy and active person. With a clear and compassionate approach, a healthy dose of encouragement, a relaxed style. I love helping you to find that sense of letting go and discovering what exists inside of you, previously unseen.