£25/person - Book in

Includes Cacao sacrament and light, delicious whole food lunch

Bring water, a shawl or blanket for warmth and comfort. 

Upon booking in you will receive a preparation email - so stay tuned 

Chocolate or as it is in its pure state...cacao is not just a plant of physically pleasing benefits. It has a reputation as an aphrodisiac and more importantly, an entheogen!

The genus of cacao is theobroma, translating to "the food of the gods". That's exactly what an entheogen is...a plant which inspired our relationship to the divine. Now, that can be as you need it to be. Each person has their own sense of what makes reality meaningful. Chocolate is simply the tool that can open the door.

When cacao is drunk in a ceremonial fashion, there is chance to set an intention to connect within and then let the magic unfold. We couple our cacao with some awesomely funky progressive dance tunes. So that you can feel free to let your physical and energetic dance and revel in the joy of being. 

The ecstatic dance is guided and will help you to unlock and explore your mind and body. All in a friendly, no pressure setting! Afterall, we'll all in it together!

Studies of cacao demonstrate its effect to:

  • Minimize inflammation throughout the body
  • Slow free radicals
  • Protect the heart and blood vessels
  • Support the immune system
  • Promote antibacterial/antiviral activity in the body
  • Relax and dilate blood vessels
  • Modify blood sugar levels
  • Protect the brain
  • Preserve cellular integrity
  • Protect and repair the liver
  • Positively modify hormone activity
  • and much more!

Many people who come to a sacred cacao ceremony say that they experience anything from an increased sense of vitality to feeling content and blissful. Others say they feel creative and a great joy from the task at hand. Some folks who are energetically sensitive feel a radiant opening of the heart and an increased sense of the tenderness and beauty of their own being.

Did you know that commercial chocolate like Black & Green's will only contain less than 20% of the active compounds which originally existed in the traditionally prepared paste? And other commercial brands contain even less!

During the ceremony we take a special blend of ceremonial grade cacao and spices, which assist assimilation. This special blend is the right quantity to open the door, you have to step through.

We will begin with a welcoming Yoga Nidra, to ground and settle ourselves then we will open a group circle so that we can talk a little about what we will be doing and people are invited set personal intentions for healing and guidance. Then we will begin the ceremony and move into the ecstatic dance being gently guided into the body with instruction.

The ecstatic dance will move through the 5 elements and through the different states of loving kindness. Essentially dancing is about you, freedom, joy and honesty. For some dancing is walking to their edge of fear and stepping over!  You can do it eyes open or eyes closes. 

WE will dance to loosen the energy body, relieve fears and tensions and discover the still point within where creative and love reside. Many people report great personal insights during dance sessions and a deep release that echoes into live beyond the ceremony!

A truly gracious experience to meet yourself as you are and open a space where you can see beyond who you think you are!