African Movement Meditation is a deeply nourishing movement meditation series from the African Nunana Sia practice. First we will explore the different sensual and energetic textures of each of the 4 pillars of unconditional love: Compassion ..Forgiveness ..Gratitude ..Trust.

The focus here is ‘Self’ For example, Compassion for others is beautiful, however to fully benefit from the magnificence of this healing vibration, we need to have compassion for our own lives, our fears, uncertainties, questionable choices we may have made …and a physical body that is not always as healthy as we would like it to be. Eventually we bring these vibrational qualities together as the complete resonance of unconditional love. Then we explore a beautiful ancient Nunana Sia tradition where we communicate and share the ’4 pillars’ through breath the gentle breeze that plays in the forest.

Heart Whispering...

If your heart was reminded of how much it is loved and appreciated, how would that feel?

Within a safe and supportive environment Yinka introduces people to a beautiful and elegant process that communicates directly with the language of the heart and allows us to let go of emotional blocks and deepen our realization of the love we truly are.

“Heart Whispering is a deeply nourishing transformational experience. The depth and incredible beauty of these sessions has often brought warm tears to my eyes. I feel it to be the culmination of all my lifes studies. It is definitely my favorite and most complete sharing…”


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About Yinka

Yinka is traveling around this luscious world of ours supporting people to honour their magnificence. He has a passion for martial arts, Zen Buddhism, personal development, a forever deepening spiritual awareness, energy healing and a career as a highly skilled and successful trainer and performance coach.

Yinka was also a founding member of Yew Tree, a group of performance coaches working with wild and troubled teenagers helping them develop an alternative future for themselves away from prison and drugs.

The foundation of Yinka’s personal practice is the deep and beautiful West African, Nunana Sia. Nunana Sia means ‘This Gift’ and is a celebration of the abundance of gifts we are blessed with in life.