Would you like to experience the ecstasy of the connection of sex, heart and spirit?

Would you like to feel more alive, joyful and free?

Would you like to connect with others in a safe and playful space?

This 3 day Tantra group for all is designed to help you connect your body/sexual energy with your heart energy and your spiritual Self.

How they meet together in one unified field will be explored through play, meditation, movement, dance and gentle touch.

The themes explored in the group include:

  • Grounding and connecting to our body
  • Sensuality and play
  • Awakening kundalini energy
  • Heart connection and healing
  • How to flow with your spirit
  • The differences between men and women
  • The connection between heart and sex
  • Balancing the feminine and masculine energies
  • Opening to love


£450 (Course fee includes Accommodation and all meals)