What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra practice is arranged at the end of each yoga class. For 15- 20 minutes there is the space and guidance to rest very deeply with great relaxation and awareness.

A sequence of instructions is spoken aloud, and all you have to do is observe the directions. The instructions have several phases including settling the body, statement of intent, observation of the body sensation, observation of breathing, a visualisation or observation of opposite sensations and revisitation of the intention. 

There is increasing amounts of research being conducted on the brain when it is in the Yoga Nidra state. Evidence based research is discovering that Yoga Nidra has the capacity to help us learn and remember information faster, overcome insomnia and mental conditioning, preparing for birth or significant events and changing our relationship with pain and injury.

One of the unique qualities of Yoga Nidra is how the observation of body sensation encourages a detailed map of the body and nervous system to be consciously mapped out in the homunculus ('little man')of the brain.  This simple act can help to establish unbiased relationships with the body, each and every part of it, and its capacity.

Yoga Nidra offers a profoundly powerful state of intention setting and inner journeying.

If you would like to know more about Yoga Nidra check out this amazing website, The Yoga Nidra Network.

Get comfortable and try out one of the recordings below.

Yoga Nidra Recordings